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Guides and Tool for migrating WordPress sites to Hugo.

What’s the typical workflow to migrate a WP site to Hugo?

Why Hugo?

Hugo is the fastest static site generator, with a really solid, simple way to develop websites. Unlike WordPress, there’s no database or security issues to worry about. It’s very developer-friendly, but anyone wanting a fast, secure website can learn how to use it with a little effort. It has a great community behind it and is frequently being improved. You can run Hugo on any old computer you have available and publish your site to globally fast CDNs. No need to pay for hosting!

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Who made this?

WP2Hugo is a project by Leon Stafford. He’s had a love-hate relationship with WordPress for about 15 years and is the creator of the popular WP2Static static site generator plugin for WordPress. He’s also on the team of static WordPress experts at Strattic, keeping up to date with WordPress and static site trends. Leon’s been a static site fan for many years, having dabbled first in Jekyll and tried other SSGs, before finding his blissful workflow using Hugo.

Get help

Open a new discussion in this website’s GitHub repository and Leon or another WP2Hugo fan will respond to you. For Hugo-specific questions, please ask on the great Hugo support forum.

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